Our Lady of the Cenacle

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2016 Ordination Mass 225
Altar Servers
Those who serve at the altar assist the priest and the sacred administration of his responsibilities during the sacrifice of the Mass. Typically, they are the cross bearer, those who carry the...
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We've heard your voice during Mass. Yes, you. Keep doing that beautiful singing that you do--just do it from the choir! Get in touch with our Music Director and join one of our Mass's choirs. Hemos...
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Cofradía del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús
¿Quiénes somos? La Cofradía del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, es un grupo de fieles católicos, de la Parroquia del Cenáculo, cuya devoción fervorosa y fiel  es darle culto al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús,...
Retreat Pilgramage Planning Commitee 01 Unsp
El Movimiento de Cursillos de Cristiandad (MCC) es un movimiento eclesial de difusión mundial que actúa en el seno de la Iglesia católica.  El primer objetivo del MCC es hacer posible que el sujeto...
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Eucharistic Ministers
It is a sacred thing to administer the Body and Blood of Christ to His Church. The high point of each Mass is the transfiguration of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. Eucharistic...
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Grupo de Oración (Carismáticos)
La Renovación Carismática Católica en el Espíritu Santo es un camino entre muchos otros con que Dios está realizando un nuevo Pentecostés en su Iglesia.  Es una corriente de gracia suscitada por el...
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Lectors are those who proclaim the Word of God at the celebration of the Eucharist and at other liturgical celebrations. We speak about the Word of God as spoken to us not simply 2000 years ago,...
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Our ushers greet, welcome, and seat parishioners at the start of Mass. You can easily turn your Sunday Mass worship into an act of service by arriving a bit early and giving people a warm smile and...